"Robs sessions greatly improved my flexibility, strength and not least my ability to focus.
In terms of training, I wholly support his initiative to bring yoga to enhance sessions. I decided to try yoga with Rob after sustaining an injury and found it a great help in addition to training. I felt stronger, leaner, quicker and more energised"

Robert Huth - Leicester City 





"Robs sessions are challenging and not at all how we imagined Yoga would be. Players felt an all round improvement in terms of strength, flexibility and stamina".


York City Football Club






Rob  has given Yoga lessons at Queen Margaret’s School over the last two years, teaching girls between the ages 15 – 18 years.


Rob is a committed and responsible teacher with an excellent knowledge of his subject, he delivers his class with clear instructions in a calm and friendly manner and I have no hesitation in recommending him as an excellent Yoga teacher.


Alison Leadley     RAD ISTD (CB) BA (Hons) MA


Head of Dance - Queen Margarets School


I just wanted to say a HUGE thank-you on behalf of Year 11 and the Form tutors for making Tuesdays Relaxation day such a success. All the feedback was positive and everyone really enjoyed themselves.

           Yvonne Duffy - Burnholme School



I've been attending Rob's Ashtanga classes since 2005, and I started attending the Power Yoga / Dynamic Balance classes when they were set up, too. I love going to both classes - they're challenging, but I'm yet to leave without a big smile on my face! Rob's a brilliant teacher - he gives clear instructions which help you reach new depths in the various postures being practised.





I've enjoyed the course very much, I thought the pace was realistic, most sessions I felt like I could remember most of it when practicing the next day, although the email notes were invaluable for that as well. It was also good to have been pre-warned how much practice was needed at home, it was hard to fit this in but it really made a difference. Some of the postures have been so difficult for me to get, but you've been encouraging & left me feeling hopeful that I will get there in the end. There's not a lot I could suggest to change about the course, the venue is a little chilly at this time of year, but this is trivial since feeling cold doesn't last for long with ashtanga!

Jackie (Ashtanga beginners intensive)



Thank you so much for a really clearly-taught, well-paced class that made demanding moves possible - I've got a lot out of it, and look forward to extending my practice further in the future.

 Kath (Ashtanga beginners intensive)


When I went to my first yoga session with Rob with 3 other friends I have to say I was the least enthusiastic of the group but I am still attending weekly sessions 2 ½ years later and now get withdrawal symptoms if I miss a week.  Yoga has helped me through very stressful times in my life and I really like the flexibility it has given me.  Rob has a great delivery; he is very encouraging and is always ready to suggest alternatives to difficult poses in a way which puts everyone at their ease.

Anne (Dynamic Balance Power Yoga).







Rob Leadley has transformed the Yoga Society at York University. The society has had to create two extra sessions per week to cope with the extra demand that we have received since he took over as teacher. He has carefully crafted his classes to meet the standard of members, steadily increasing the intensity and complexity of the session, keeping the classes interesting, and bringing total beginners to a more advanced level of practice. Rob's teaching style makes sessions easy to follow. He explains excellently the sequence of movements for each posture, as well as providing useful demonstrations, without stopping the flow of the class. Many of our members have expressed complementary opinions about his classes, and the Society is extremely thankful to have found such a great teacher, and grateful for his contribution.


Hugh Salway - Pesident York University Yoga Society



If ever you wanted to try a “body changing” experience then I wholly recommend that you try Ashtanga yoga with Rob. Over the years I have toiled with my fitness pounding the pavements or sweating it out at the gym but having started the power of Ashtanga, I can see a difference not only in my body shape but in my general state of mind. I have become an “addict” to this particular type of yoga and with the commitment of practise both through class and home, you will truly reap the benefits. Rob is the most calming and patient of teachers and the class surroundings always makes you feel comfortable and relax, never intimidating. Thank you Rob, hopefully I am a convert for Life!





I want to thank you for introducing me to Yoga. The last 8 weeks yoga was the best form of exercise I have ever done.You were very clear with your explanation of each move and the modifications available to suit each student needs.I thought that the email follow up of the session was invaluable. Within the 8 weeks, I can already see the difference it has made to my posture, a sense of well being and calmness. I am very happy with the way you have conducted the class and could not think of anything to suggest any changes. The venue was also very central. I am already attending the Ashtanga Improvers and the Dynamic balance power yoga. With your excellent teaching, I am definitely a yoga convert ! See you at class. Thank you once again.



Thanks for a great class ...there was a good feeling in the room & I loved your instruction, with new suggestions for already familiar poses ...always great to find  instructors from different backgrounds

I used to be very into ashtanga & loved it! ...& now that I’m doing triathlon it is definitely beneficial from a strength perspective!

I look forward to joining one of your classes on my next trip back.

Jools (Dynamic Balance)


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