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2 Weeks 18:30 to 19:45



Ashtanga Yoga is a unique yoga system that links full rhythmic breathing with powerful postures. Deep internal heat purifies the body whilst enhanced levels of concentration relax the mind. Internal energy locks strengthen the nervous system.

Please note that the sessions are physically demanding, you should already have a reasonable level of fitness on which to build. With patience and persistence, the Practice of Ashtanga yoga will improve strength, stamina and flexibility. 

These sessions will cover the fundamentals of Ashtanga Yoga i.e breath, energy centres and posture work. The aim of the sessions is for you to establish a strong foundation of yoga postures from which to move on to the ASHTANGA LEVEL 1/2 or the IMPROVERS sessions.


I am very serious about providing the very best introduction to a system that has changed my life, I am simply passing it on, but I do require that you give your very best both in the session and with your commitment to your home practice - you will then reap the many benefits of this amazing form of yoga.  


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 I've enjoyed the course very much, I thought the pace was realistic, most sessions I felt like I could remember most of it when practicing the next day, although the email notes were invaluable for that as well. It was also good to have been pre-warned how much practice was needed at home, it was hard to fit this in but it really made a difference. Some of the postures have been so difficult for me to get, but you've been encouraging & left me feeling hopeful that I will get there in the end.

John (Ashtanga beginners intensive)



I want to thank you for introducing me to Yoga. The last 6 weeks yoga was the best form of exercise I have ever done.You were very clear with your explanation of each move and the modifications available to suit each student needs. I thought that the email follow up of the session was invaluable. Within the 6 weeks, I can already see the difference it has made to my posture, a sense of well being and calmness. I am very happy with the way you have conducted the class and could not think of anything to suggest any changes. The venue was also very central. I am already attending the Ashtanga Improvers and the Dynamic balance power yoga. With your excellent teaching, I am definitely a yoga convert ! See you at class. Thank you once again.




How soon before I buy a mat if I am a complete beginner? 

Owning your own mat is important for hygiene and essential for home practice. Any mat that you are comfortable with will do. Mats are available at Tesco’s or TK Max at approx. £7. If you would like a better quality mat then check are also available to hire for £1 per session. Please let me know when you book if a mat is required.


How much water should I drink during practice?

Proper hydration is very important. Traditionally no water is drunk during Ashtanga practice. Come well hydrated and also drink plenty afterwards. If there are special needs please let me know but avoid putting a water bottle next to your mat and pausing every six breaths to drink.


Can I eat before class?

Try not to eat for at least 1 ½ hours before class. However, do make sure that you have eaten through the day as you will need energy for your practice.


What do I wear?

Fortunately there is no Ashtanga fashion code. Just wear something you feel comfortable moving in. Wear comfortable, stretchable clothing. T-shirts and shorts are fine, but you might want something under your T-shirt that fits close to the body for the inverted postures. We work with bare feet, so please be able to remove your socks.


How many times a week should I practice Ashtanga Yoga?

The best results will come from a steady and regular practice. Supplementing your weekly sessions with 20 minutes of home practice 2 or 3 times per week. 


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Fee: £60


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